Wind & the Willow celebrates the artistry and craft of weaving with natural materials and all of the beautiful possibilities they present.

An image showcasing the logo for Wind and the Willow.
Wind & the Willow is owned and operated by Sian Pritchard, a willow artist and teacher based in Grafton, Ontario, where she also grows basketry willow for sale and use in her workshops.

Sian is an extremely experienced willow artist and very well-connected in the U.K. with other willow artists. Her previous work and education in horticulture and landscape design taught her a lot about form, function, art, and science, and fuelled her love of learning. She now brings this knowledge and passion to the craft of weaving and needed a new logo to reflect all of this. 

She wanted a strong, yet gentle, logo that also had a natural and authentic feeling for her craft. I designed the logo to reflect this through the use of a traditional, bold font that was slightly customized, a natural and earthy colour palette and the use of strong design principles.

This logo was also part of the overall visual identity and brand I designed and is reflected through her marketing material and website.

Project manager: At Large Editorial.