An Integrative Medicine Brand for physician Dr. Tyler Maltman.

An image showcasing the logo for Tyler Maltman.

Dr. Tyler Maltman is a board-certified integrative medicine physician. 

Dr. Maltman’s goal is to provide the best possible healing-oriented care by identifying the root cause of his patients’ health concerns. He has personally benefitted from taking an integrative medicine approach for his own health issues, including chronic pain in his injured shoulder. After being treated by an integrative team, he learned how to live an active and fulfilling life by managing his pain using healthy methods. It is this experience that inspires his current practices.

Dr. Maltman required a logo as part of an overall brand system I developed. He wanted the logo to visually promote healing, confidence, and professionalism. I conceptualized and designed this new logo to promote his mantra of movement being essential for good health. The system includes his intials using custom designed letters to mimic the human body in varying poses. The use of yellow and orange help promote vitality, warmeth, and a sense of wellness. The use of black in his wordmark gives the logo balance and gravitas. 

Project manager: At Large Editorial.