Vancouver-based theatre company with a cheeky attitude.

Ghost Light Projects
Ghost Light Projects Digital Subway Ads.
Ghost Light Projects "The Singing Butler" poster.
Ghost Light Projects Poster for "Clue: The Musical"
Ghost Light Projects "Boys in the Band" city billboard.
Ghost Light Projects Website (currently offline)
Ghost Light Projects "Six Degrees of Separation" Poster

Founded in 2009, Ghost Light Projects produced 16 plays in its first four years. They focus on classic but rarely seen shows highlighting issues of diversity and acceptance, and the work of promising new playwrights.

In 2010, Ghost Light Projects approached me to work with them to develop a new website and posters for their upcoming first season. As a huge fan of the arts, I jumped at the chance to work with this fast-growing theatre company who are known for producing cheeky and thought-provoking shows. Previously, they had produced a single show at a time and added material to the website throughout their season. They were working with several graphic designers on the material for their shows which often created a lack of continuity and a feeling of shows being disjointed. There was no common element in the design system or the shows themselves to tie the entire season together. They were also using a template for their website which did not meet their business needs or usability or accessibility standards.

I helped change this way of working and developed a full website to showcase the entire season instead of one show at a time. I developed a system of posters with a common theme and visual elements to tie everything together. Their website was re-designed to focus more on the shows and emphasize what the upcoming season would offer as a whole.

For the fifth season, I re-designed the website again to showcase the seven shows they produced by creating a design system of posters, postcards, and ads which focus on a single graphic image for each show. The gallery above showcases some of the promotional material I created for their fifth season including the poster for “Clue: The Musical” which won Best Poster Design at the Vancouver Community Theatre Coalition awards.