NBA Superstar, Tristan Thompson, and Epilepsy Toronto’s biggest soiree!

Amari Thompson Soiree Logo
Amari Thompson Soiree Package
Amari Thompson Soiree Package
An image showing a person holding an Amari Thompson Ticket
An image of the stage at the Amari Thomson Soiree

Epilepsy Toronto has provided services for people living with epilepsy for over 60 years. Their annual Amari Thompson Soiree, hosted by NBA star Tristan Thompson, is their biggest fundraising event and helps provide critical support to thousands of people living with epilepsy and their families.

In 2019, the team at Epilepsy Toronto decided to engage a professional designer to develop a new campaign and increase excitement for the event. I started by creating a logo inspired by the Caribana Music Festival, which was happening in Toronto simultaneously, as well as the special performance by Canadian dancer, Briar Nolet, who would be performing at the event. The logo has a sense of fun, excitement, and movement to emphasize the nature of the event. Epilepsy Toronto was ecstatic with what I created for the theme and asked me to complete the rest of the system, which included the tickets, evening program, digital ads, and digital signage.

Epilepsy Toronto considered the event a huge success following an increase in attendance from 175 to 280 attendees!